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July dusk. Parched grass, pale whelk, sharp rock

Seaglass lump, maple lace, glazed cup, pine cone

Lichened twig, blunt cork, down feather, stubbed chalk

Moss, blackbird shell, acorn cap, quartz-stung stone

Talisman: the last word taught in childhood

Seed, stalk, husk – both archaic and brand-new

The first terms learnt in old age: will, heirloom

Legacy, testament; estate, accrue.

Winter morning. Cloud-white box, faïence tray

Plaster cube, salt cellar, tea sieve, brass latch

Beeswax taper, silk square, unfired clay

Alabaster urn, smoked glass, burnt match

This sun-ruffled catalogue, steadied by rhyme

This landscape of objects, shadowed by time