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Otium Is Also a Lullaby

Green all winter. The purest of pleasures.
Sap, ink, ice. The bus shelter blaze at noon.

Let us hold together a short silence.
What constitutes a good life? Zinc, stone, glass.

We don’t worship silence – order, perfume;
warble, rill – we worship in silence.

Civility, pleasure. The underground
breeze of the north-bound arrival. Orange

trees and lemon, myrtle, sweet marjoram.
The best perfume in the air. Sit and look

at a field. Drooping palm fronds in the mall
restroom, the crash of pinks of all sorts.

An office desk in sun-burnt light. Sweetened
under air. Roses cut to come late.

For those who have known a reversal – figs
in fruit, filberts. Vine leaves. Water, arch, wind.

Dahlias. A learnéd leisure, bedded
in a noble state. A knoll, sculpted green.